Skye Sneak Peek

I can now officially say I've met Miss Skye, who came almost 2 weeks past her due date! She made her parents wait an extra long time to find out if she was a girl or boy, and I think everyone was very excited to find out there was a new baby sister to add to the family. Her big brother is so careful and attentive and I can tell he's a huge help at home. He gave the biggest smiles for the sibling photos and I know those will be treasures for mom and dad of both their kids together.

Mom asked for mint and teal colors as it's her favorite and reminds her of the ocean in Hawaii. Her family moved her just a few years ago but wanted to keep some of their past in the photos with colors. I loved getting to incorporate the mint color again but in a unique way with some different teal shades and fabrics. We also had to get a snowflake photo for this December baby and Skye was the first baby I've ever photographed who was quietly awake in the basket the entire time. She is so strong and held a steady head while gazing either at my clicking camera or the big studio light. Her dad says that's what two extra weeks in the womb do - makes you extra strong! Skye also continued to be awake while on the beanbag, but wow what great photos of her big blue eyes! I did snag a few of her drifting off to sleep, but she said she much prefers snuggling with mom than trying to sleep in front of the camera. 

A huge congrats to this beautiful family on your new baby girl. She is surrounded by such love and I feel honored to be part of these special memories for your family.

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