Jennifer Jackson- Baby Whisperer & Photog Mom

Howdy! Thank you for visiting Jennifer Lynn Photography!

I’m Jenni and I know what you’re thinking…well maybe not exactly but I know that you’re here to find that perfect photographer to capture memories for your family.

I'm a mom to five incredible kids, two girls and three boys, so I completely understand the craziness of family life and the desire to capture those fleeting memories. I fondly call my kids “the crazy crew” and most days are filled with making school lunches, relearning how to do math, and after school activities ranging from dance, Lego club, Scouts, and Girl Scouts.

I’m originally from Texas and graduated with a Bachelors in Marketing from Texas A&M University and am still a proud Fightin’ Texas Aggie. I love authentic Tex-Mex food which can be hard to find in Colorado. But I admit green chilies are growing on me, plus the Palisade Peaches in the late summer are amazing.

I’m a bit of a popcorn connoisseur, and make popcorn on the stove most evenings with my husband (never in the microwave!) Since babysitting is expensive with five kids, we enjoy most date-nights at home. You'll find I'm a big Star Wars and Star Trek fan (yes both) and love those super cheesy Hallmark movies, which I actually watch year-round!

Plus I’m an over-the-top Disney person. I know way too much about Mickey Mouse clubhouse (thanks to my middle child), have seen The Incredibles about 15.3 bazillion times (accurate number), and have read almost all the Never Girls books about fairies and Tinkerbell (courtesy of my oldest daughter). Alexa blasts songs from Frozen and Moana on a daily basis, or just Mickey songs – yes that’s a thing. But if I’m honest I’m the one encouraging it and buying every Mickey, Tink, Pixar, and Disney picture book, coloring book, and craft activity. And don’t even get me started on planning a trip to Disney World…maybe in another life I’ll be a Disney Travel Agent.

But back to preserving memories.

I'm truly passionate about photography and freezing moments in time to relish them later. Phones are great for quick captures here and there, but nothing quite beats a professional portrait hanging on your wall, or a gorgeous album with everyone, including mom and dad, in the frame.

Newborn and child portraits holds a special place in my heart as I know all too well how quickly your children grow up. I aim to capture those special looks, tiny toes, and goofy smiles while it lasts and when it’s authentic. I love sharing my camera whisperer skills to preserve memories for clients and it’s an honor to be part of a family’s story.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or just to chat with a fellow mom in the trenches, and I hope I get to preserve memories for you and your family.

True capture of my family of 7. It only took 49 camera clicks, a tripod, and bribery to get this awesome photo.  And it was worth all the effort.

True capture of my family of 7. It only took 49 camera clicks, a tripod, and bribery to get this awesome photo.

And it was worth all the effort.

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