Mackenzie's Sneak Peek

Mackenzie was another last minute addition to my schedule this past week, but I’m so glad she and her family came in. She was already about 21 days old, but she did great during her newborn session. Those darn hiccups got her for a little bit, but after they passed I was able to finish up her photos and even put her in a bucket! I actually think that she was the most happy in the bucket, as she really relaxed and let me play around with different headbands.

Mom specifically requested a few images from my website, so I recreated the special “perfectly purple” photo that won a Bronze Award with the RISE Image Competition. I just love that one with the purple blanket and beautiful floral purple lace. I think Mackenzie nailed it! The other request was the on-the-floor sibling photo with all kids laying on the soft fur. Her brothers were really excited to try that one, and did a great job listening and giving their best smiles! All it took was a pretzel bribe from me so we were all friends, and then having mom and dad wait outside the room. Isn’t it funny how that works?! My own kids do the exact same thing.

I also learned this family has relatives just down the street from me, so I hope to be seeing a lot more of them and to see little Mackenzie grow and change. Thanks to this family for allowing me to preserve these memories for you and I can’t wait to deliver the rest of your gallery!

Want to book your newborn photography session? It’s never too early! Newborn sessions are best when they take place within 5-14 days after baby’s birth so request to get on my calendar at the beginning of your second trimester to guarantee time around your estimated due date.


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