Quinn Sneak Peek

Miss Quinn easily ranked up near the top with the sleepiest babies I've had at my studio. She was so relaxed we were able fly through multiple props, including the moon prop and my newer sink basket, as I'm calling it. I just love the color theme her mom wanted, which included lots of purple fabrics, headbands, and wraps. It's hard to beat such a classic color for a little girl and I had fun selecting all the props and items before everyone arrived. Quinn was a true sweetheart and I enjoyed spending the afternoon taking newborn pictures of this gorgeous girl. And check out all that hair and those cute little back rolls! I think my favorites were some taken on the white fur toward the end, as I'm enjoying new angles and lighting for this favorite pose.

Big thanks to her parents for allowing me to preserve the memories of their tiny daughter. They grow so fast and it's always an honor to photograph this short time when babies are so new, curly, and sleepy.

Want to book your newborn photography session? It’s never too early! Newborn sessions are best when they take place within 5-14 days after baby’s birth so request to get on my calendar at the beginning of your second trimester to guarantee time around your estimated due date.


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