How Do I Edit for Senior Photos?

Tis the season for senior photo deadlines! This time of year I especially see lots of amazing high school seniors looking to take their senior photos outside against the gorgeous Colorado landscape. This can lead to the question if I touch up or edit my photos, especially for seniors with a little acne. The short answer is yes - mainly because I want you to be the best you in your photos. And I want you to absolutely LOVE your pictures and WANT to share them, frame them, print them, all of the above!

That's one of the biggest things I want clients of senior sessions to know. Don't worry about acne or blemishes. I had acne myself as a teen and I certainly didn't want to relive that time in my senior photos. Thank goodness my photographer back then edited that for me so I actually like going home to my parents house and seeing ME in my senior photos, not a bunch of acne.

I have lots of amazing tools up my sleeve to make sure you love your pictures. And I want seniors to truly enjoy their session, have fun and relax. But I also don't want you to look over-edited. I work hard to find that balance of making you look and feel your best while not looking too "Photoshop-ed".

So no worrying about acne! I've been there and totally understand and will make sure you love your photos. Give me your best smile and have fun taking pictures and preserving memories of such an incredible time in your life! Enjoy!

Want to book a senior photography session? These sessions are 1-1.5 hours and include up to 4 outfit changes if desired. And feel free to bring any special items related to you sport, hobby, or interest!