Fuller Sibling Sneak Peek

I am so excited I got to see this adorable family again! I’ve had the privilege of photographing them since Miss Lily was born and it’s so fun to now see her little personality blooming and to have seen her and her brother grow over the last year. As a parent, I know my kids are constantly growing and changing, but when I see the growth of ANOTHER family’s kids, it truly hits home just how much kids change in a year! It also makes me want to pull up old photos of my own and just flip through them for a while and remember those crazy moments.

Miss Lily was just adorable and is full of personality and opinions that she isn’t afraid to share. She also is a girl on the move, and I actually had a blast working to capture her, both physically and via my camera! She reminds me of my own 20 month old, who has now learned the word “no” and only does the opposite of what I ask (unless it was his idea first, of course). To see another little one like Lily doing the exact same thing just made me chuckle, and she challenged me to pull out all my tricks for keeping kids still for .02 seconds for a few magical photos here and there. And, boy, let me tell you, I had the hardest time narrowing down images of her with the pearl necklaces. She was just adorable trying to clink them around or put them on…or take them off…or walk around. My next Amazon purchase will now include as set of these for future one year baby girl sessions as it was just too fun.

Her older brother Remy was a perfect little model. He was a great listener and he also worked hard to keep Lily in line or help out. What a lucky little girl to have such an awesome brother! Remy even flashed some adorable genuine smiles at some of my silly jokes, and I just melted going through the images as they seem to perfectly capture him. Then at the very end, just on a whim, I had Remy sit and unpack toys from his backpack and show them to me. I love how those turned out, especially him concentrating with his tongue sticking out or simply admiring one of his trucks.

I have so loved photographing this family, so I hope you keep coming back as I selfishly love seeing your children grow. Enjoy these sweet memories of your kids!

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