Newborn Merit Winner for the NAPCP International Image Competition

I am beyond excited to announce one of my images was chosen as a Merit Recognition winner in the newborn category for the NAPCP International Image Competition! Only 10 images were selected to receive awards for this group and I'm so honored to be included with those featured by this amazing and prestigious organization.

The National Association of Professional Child Photographers strives to support those of us who offer professional child photography portraits to our clients. It's an amazing group that represents artistry, honesty and professionalism. As a new member, I had the privilege of attending their annual retreat this year in Santa Barbara, California and was blown away by the comradery between photographers and how amazingly supportive they were with each other and myself. I've made wonderful friends across the country and have an incredible support network for ideas, troubleshooting, and fellowship. It's been a wonderful experience to be part of this community and I'm so excited to now be featured as one of their winners for this first half of their competition.

On a more personal note, I'm left speechless as to how I got to this point. I can remember setting up little backdrops made from sheets and staging my daughter in front of them for photos. I have devoured so many photography books and resources after falling in love with how I could preserve my families memories and especially my kid's tiny features. Then learning Manual mode and editing software opened up whole new doors for me and brought back memories of my digital art days from high school.

I love how this industry offers me an outlet that compliments my love of my family and helps balance this stay-at-home mom with something outside the home. (I love my #1 job as "mom", but it sure is nice to have an adult outlet too!) And I'm so very thankful for a husband who is so amazingly supportive, even though I drive him nuts sometimes when I'm absorbed with editing! (Hey, when you love it, you love it.)

This photography journey has been a wild but amazing ride so far, and I'm even more excited now as to what the future holds for Jennifer Lynn Photography.