New Month, New Year, BIG CHANGES!

Hi everyone!

January ended up being a fairly busy month for me so I didn't have a chance so sit down and let you know about some exciting new changes around Jennifer Lynn Photography. I've been hard at work sprucing up my website and holding sessions. I also had some wonderful professional growth opportunities that provided even more tools and resources to consider, a huge national network of fellow photographers I now call my friends, and some exciting new ideas I've been putting in action.

So here's the scoop about what's new with Jennifer Lynn Photography:

1. National Association of Professional Child Photographers Retreat in Santa Barbara, CA

I had the amazing opportunity to attend a professional photography retreat with NAPCP in Santa Barbara, CA for almost 4 days. I visited one-on-one with award winning photographers from across the country and soaked up some incredible insights and tips from these professionals. I attended several workshops and critiques and had a blast just networking and socializing with fellow children's photographers from different states. This group is so incredibly supportive and helpful, and I feel so honored to call myself a member of NAPCP and to have met so many of these photographers in person.

2. New Prices

I have taken some serious time to assess my personal growth and style over the past few years and have decided to update my pricing to reflect how far I've come professionally. I've spent a considerable amount of time in workshops, working one-on-one with top professionals in the industry, learning more about angles, lenses, and editing, and reflecting on how I want to stylize my work. I have seriously contemplated moving to holding in-person-meetings post sessions to personally help clients select amazing ways to display their photos.

In the end, I concluded that I, as a busy full-time mom of three almost four young kids, don't want to ask other busy parents to scheduled multiple meetings with me just to obtain their photos. I love digitals myself, and the flexibility I have to create different displays and cards with the files to showcase my kids and family around my home. And I love the flexibility to order additional items later for parents and grandparents! So I decided that particular type of selling just isn't "me".

So...I've updated my pricing to still allow you to easily download your images via your personal online galleries, with options to add-on a USB should you also want to preserve your memories with a type of hard copy. Digitals are still included in the packages that originally had files included, but quantities and pricing have been adjusted to reflect the time I put into editing your beautiful images. And if you DO want to meet with me to go over options and see samples in person, by all means let's meet! I'd love to share my knowledge of products and displays to help get your photos off the computer and on your walls.

3. New Print and Product Offerings

This is the really exciting news! I had the opportunity to meet personally with several professional print vendors at my latest retreat and got to touch and feel some truly incredible products. I took a hard look at my offerings, considered what adds value to your images, what I personally love, and crafted a whole new a-la-cart print catalog for clients. These offerings are truly high quality, professional heirlooms that are simply stunning ways to print and treasure your photos. And I've added a new $100 print credit to every - yes EVERY- single session I hold!

4. New Personal Wall Galleries

I am now the proud owner of an incredible program that allows me to take images from your own home of blank walls and help you custom design wall displays around your new photos. We can adjust sizes, add frames or canvases, and see in real time what these images will look like once displayed in YOUR homes on YOUR walls.

5. Organic Bloom Frames

If you haven't noticed by now, I'm a huge supporter of printing your images. I believe photos are meant to be displayed on your living room wall, in frames or albums, not shoved in the back of a drawer on a flash drive or sitting in a folder on your computer. I love digitals, yes, but I love seeing photos of my family on my walls even more! So I'm excited to announce that I'm an official vendor of the Organic Bloom frames. You'll now have the option to order custom-made, boutique frames with your portrait session prints. The Organic Bloom offers 53 colors and 17 fun styles, so you're guaranteed to find a perfect match for your photos. Just ask to learn more or see samples of these gorgeous frames and be sure to check out their website to view all the different options.

So a huge thanks to all of you who've been with me on this journey so far. I can't wait to see what new doors open this year. I hope to see all of you again so I can continue to preserve memories for your families!