Fresh 48 Sessions with Jennifer Lynn Photography

Fresh 48 sessions take place the morning after your little one makes his or her debut, typically while you are still at the hospital. Hence, the name, "Fresh 48", as these are for babies who are 48 hours new. These are incredible sessions that are more documentary in nature from my studio newborn package. There are no wraps or poses and the main focus is on little baby details. These include photos in the bassinet, the hospital bracelets, mom and dad snuggling their new little in the hospital bed, etc. And, of course, tiny fingers and toes! I know from experience that this short hospital time is so brief and you quickly forget these little details. Many hospitals offer photos after the birth of a baby through various contracted companies, but by choosing to add this session through me you get a huge gallery of included digital images, can schedule privately and when convenient, and can incorporate siblings. I offer these as an add-on to my newborn clients and the package includes all digital images from the session in your online private gallery with quick turn-around before our official studio session. I look forward to documenting this special time in the life of your family.

A new baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.
— Eda J LeShan

Thinking of booking a Fresh 48 for your baby? It's an incredible time to preserve memories for your family and newest little one. These can only take place a day or two after your baby is born, so be sure to ask about adding this onto your newborn package to ensure this special time at the hospital for these photos.